Zoobooks Review and Giveaway

My little ones are OBSESSED with animals and going to the Zoo. They really can’t get enough, so we were excited to try Zoobooks magazines. Zoobooks publishes four different magazines for kids: Zoobies, Zootles, Zoobooks, and Zoodinos.

My youngest, Adriana, is 10 months old and she loved Zoobies. Zoobies is for kids 0-3 years old. The magazine is small, perfect size for the little cuties! I liked that the pages are thicker paper, so that they don’t get ripped. There were great images of the animals that she loved to look at. I read Zoobies to her, and it had great age appropriate reading to develop language and entertain. There were even paper pop-outs to play with.

My son Aiden is 3 years old, and he loved Zootles. Zootles is great for kids ages 3-6. Along with awesome animal images, there were great reading and activities.  The activities were fun for us to do together, like searching for the animals in the forest. The Zootles we read was all about Tigers, Aiden was immediately roaring like a tiger and counting tigers on the page. It definitely put a smile on his face!

Zoobooks is for kids 6-12. Each issue focuses on one animal and helps kids learn and explore its natural habitat. While my kids aren’t old enough for this one yet, there were great images and kid-friendly reading for grade school children. There were plenty of activities and online applications for subscribers.  The issue we read was all about sharks!

Zoodinos came at the perfect time because it was Dinosaur week at Aiden’s school!  It’s perfect for ages 5 and up.  It brings dinosaurs to life with illustrations and stories.  It taught Aiden about different types of dinosaurs along with some fictional stories with dinosaur characters.

I think that your little ones would love all the Zoobook magazines.  Check out their website to subscribe or learn more.  Their social channels are great too, like or follow then on Facebook or Twitter.

In the meantime, enter our giveaway below!  We are giving away a Zoobooks magazine subscription for one lucky reader.  Good luck!

Zoobooks Giveaway

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