Why do kids always break phones?

How to cell my cell phone

If you are like my you are probably wondering how to sell your cell phone

Seriously, this is something I can’t get over. Kids are technology obsessed, How to FaceTime is a mastered skill before potty training is. My son loves my iPhone and iPad, but also loves to break them unfortunately. Over the summer, in a heated tantrum moment, my son takes my iPhone, and throws it into the dogs water bowl. *SPOILER ALTER*: It didn’t work after that . I also wound up having to buy a new phone.

If you have teenagers, they are probably always wanting to upgrade your phone. And what are you going to do with the old one?

Where to go to sell my cell phone

You can sell yourself, but that is seriously a pain.

I would go to  Seriously the process is quick and simple.  They offer free shipment and quick payments.  All you have to do is print out a free shipping label, put it on a box, and send it out.  Thats is.  Before you know if you are getting paid via PAYPAL or check, your choice.  Its a great way to may some extra cash for stuff that you otherwise likely would have thrown out.

Below I put some fun products I found also.  Some iPad accessories for kids, for when you are actually letting them play with your devices.  The others are kid-proof cases.  You know, to protect you from toddler tantrums.

MOM TIP: If you are like me and have a broken phone, I decided to sell my cell phone to  They had a really easy check out process with free shipping, and I got paid quickly.  Also useful for those phone that are working but just aren’t being used around the house.  Check out their website for a quick quote.

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