Travel: Disneyworld Tips and Fun

This past week I wound up doing a last minute trip to Disneyworld trip with my littles. Honestly, I was a little nervous about bringing both kids but it would up being a great time.  Here’s a little about our trip and some tips if you are headed to Disney soon.

A Comfortable Stay is key: We didn’t have a lot of time to plan, and weren’t sure about where to stay. Since we were going with both kids, who are both under 3, we didn’t wind up staying at a Disney hotel. Yes, Disney hotels are cute and themed, but I needed more space so the kids would sleep better. After running around parks all day, I wanted to make sure the kids would get their own room and get good sleep. We found a hotel close to the parks, with a 3-bedroom suite, which was perfect for us. We had our own kitchen for breakfast in the morning, and washer-dryers (also necessary because obviously little ones love to get all clothes dirty).

Download the Disney app, it was awesome.  I don’t like having too many apps on my phone for everything, but it was really useful on the trip.  It had park-maps, you can sync your ticket and book your Fast Passes, and even dinner reservations.

Pick Favorites:  We quickly realized that there is just too much to do!  Get fast-passes for what you really want to see and don’t go crazy trying to do it all.

Plan if you can:  Our trip was super last minute, so it was a little hard to get reservations and book things.  If you know you are going, plan what you can ahead of time.

Animal Kingdom: We did Animal Kingdom on our first day, and this was really good for young kids.  Since there aren’t many rides, there isn’t much to wait for!  My 3 year old loved just getting to run around and see all the animals.

Magic Kingdom: My obvious favorite! We got there right when a parade was starting, which really made my kids day.  The lines can be a bit much for young ones to deal with, but I loved that some of the lines had play areas where kids can play while they wait.  Infants are allowed on a lot of the rides which worked out great.  I didn’t think my 9 month old would care that much, but she would up being really entertained by all the rides- especially small world!

Epcot: This wound up being the least busy of the parks.  There wasn’t much of a wait for anything.  The flower and garden festival was going on at the time we went which was cute.  We also got to see characters at the character spot here, not too much of a wait and we got great pictures with Mickey and Minnie!

Our trip was really busy but lots of fun- can’t wait to go back already

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