The Kartrite Waterpark and Resort

This past weekend we took the kids out to the Kartrite Waterpark and Resort. The winter months can get a bit stir crazy. It is way too cold to be outside, and being home doesn’t keep kids entertained for very long either. When possible, we like to get away for the weekend and recently found out about the Kartrite. It wasn’t far from out our so decided it would be great for a weekend trip. When we got there my kids were immediately excited, and wanted to go swimming ASAP. Any trips where they can swim are their favorite.

Luckily, check in at the kartrite was super quick, so we could get to our rooms to get quickly. Especially with the ancy little ones. The rooms were nice, and passes to the indoor waterpark and included. We went down to the waterpark and the kids had the best time. They spent most of the day there playing and having fun.

What they loved:

  1. Kartrite Island- splasher park tower for kids who are a little bit older. They went all the way to the top and down the waterslides roughly a million times. There was also a HUGE bucket of water that would dump out on them every so often and they found hilarious.
  2. Lazy River- So nice to chill out and go around the indoor water park in a tube, why not
  3. Puddle Ducks – this splasher area was for kids who were a little smaller, but they were still entertained for a little bit. There were a few more smaller slides that they got to go on.
  4. Hot tub that went outside- it was really pretty cold the day that we went there, but they still wanted to go in the hot tub. The warm pool started inside, but had a door to the outside. It was crazy that there was still snow outside but they didn’t really seem to mind. (and wanted to go in the snow in their bathing suits, haha)
  5. Arcade! When they had had enough of water-time they were ready to go in the arcade. It was pretty big and they were ready to win some tickets.

Check out our video below from our trip.

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