Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

Adriana has been really into baking lately. So we wanted to find some fun Thanksgiving desserts for kids for her to make. We decided to make some Turkey cupcakes. It was fun because it was easy enough for her to do on her own (she’s 3) and didn’t have too make ingredients. So she made a cooking show making her favorite thanksgiving desserts for kids, turkey cupcakes.

Here is how we made them. First, we just got our favorite cupcake mix. Hey, if you are feeling ambitious, you can make from scratch but we wanted to keep it simple. We followed the directions for the mix, and once they were cooked and ready we frosted them with some chocolate icing. We found some candy eyes that we used for the turkey’s eyes. Then, we had candy corn, we put the candy corn around the top half the cupcake so that it looked like the feathers. Finally, we used orange M&Ms for the nose. They looked adorable and obviously were delicious as well. Check out our video showing how Adriana made them here. We had a lot of fun baking this and putting the video together we will probably make some more soon.

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