Simple Wishes Review

I’m a big fan of any products that make nursing easier for moms. We just posted some favorite stylish nursing covers, and I recently came across a nursing bra that is a registry must-have too. I tried the Simple Wishes Pumping bra and would recommend it to moms-to-be and new moms. First of all, it was a comfortable material, good quality and adjustable. It ties in the back, so regardless of size or weight changes you should get a great fit. Straps are included, so you have the option to have the additional support if needed.  There is a secure fit with the pump, you won’t have any issues with spilling or being uncomfortable when you are pumping.  Multiple panels within the bra were also great to provide coverage when you are using it.

This is great for the moms making that transition back to work after baby.  You can be hands free, and get work done No problem!  Feel free to take a call or answer email.  One my of personal challenges is I found pumping to be such a huge time commitment, and being able to do work and other things comfortably was great.  It’s also helpful to make it a relaxing experience.  With hands-free products you can relax, just watch a show or read!  When it’s a relaxing experience you can take as many pump breaks as necessary and have great results!

This is a great product for moms and mom-to-be, and you can purchase this on the SimpleWishes Amazon page.

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