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Hi everyone and welcome to my new linktoknowit influencer page. I love to blog about my life, but I’ve also always really loved style and fashion.

I use my Instagram to share my stories also and my favorite outfits. Luckily, I have this page set up on my blog now to share where to shop my outfits seen in my Instagram through Liketoknowit influencer.

With my Liketoknowit influencer page you can now find my exact outfit, or at least something similar. I like to post a variety of options so there can hopefully be something for everyone. Also, I’ll post some of my favorites from my family style as well. With things finally getting a little bit less crazy at home I can bring back some of my fashion and style posts. I would say my style is casual, and I like to wear outfits that are fashionable but that can still fit into my lifestyle. Clearly, when I’m running around after kids all day, my outfit has to fit into that lifestyle. I hope that everyone enjoys this new addition to my blog.