Our Sesame Place Trip and Tips

Since my son is Elmo-obsessed, we decided to take him out to Sesame Place recently for a visit.  He had the BEST time on our Sesame place trip and was so excited to see all his favorite Sesame Street characters in real life.

It’s a perfect trip for a stay-cation with little ones.  We didn’t have a lot of time to travel, so this was a good weekend trip close to home.  Since we stayed overnight we were able to get there right when the park opened when it was a little more quiet.  If you are going for a whole weekend you can have more time for both the water-park and rides.

There are plenty of rides for young kids  (but not so much for babies).   My son is three, so he was able to go on most of the rides.  He loved it all! Not as much for the real little ones though.  Infants can’t go on the rides, so my daughter under one had to stay on the side.

You can avoid lines if you want.  We went on a more quiet day, so there weren’t as many lines.  However, they did have “abby’s magic queue” so you can skip them.  Also, there were a few different play areas as well.  When the lines got to be a bit much Aiden liked running around the play areas.

Lots of Characters Live.  We wanted to take pictures, so we waited at the picture spots to meet Elmo and Big bird.  There was also “Elmo the Musical”- you should definitely reserve your spot early on when you arrive because it got really busy (Elmo is kind of a big deal apparently).  It also gave us a minute to sit! so win-win.  The most exciting for Aiden was getting to see the parade.  It was really entertaining for him and one of the dancers in the parade even brought him out to the middle to dance!! It made his day!

More Details on the App:  I downloaded the app for my trip.  It had details on times of parades and shows, where everything was, and picture features.

Take Two Trips! Some of the tickets come with a second visit included, which works if you are going out for the weekend.  We are hoping to visit again soon.


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