Our Return to Beaches Turks and Caicos


Every year we try to get away for our big family trip. This year we decided to go to Beaches Turks and Caicos. We were all ready to get out of the New Jersey cold weather, and excited for some time on the beach. Since there were 9 of us, going where it was all inclusive worked out well for the family. With my little ones being 2 and 4 now, they got to do all the kid friendly activities, enjoying the waterpark and sesame street shows. The adults got to spend more time on the beach relaxing. We even had a chance to take a boat ride which we all enjoyed.

This trip we wound up staying in the Italian Village. There are four different villages you can pick from there: Italian Village, Caribbean Village, Key West Village, and French Village. Last year our trip was in Key West. The Italian Village is in the middle of the resort so it was easy for us to get around. It was a bit more noisy though. Our room was a walk out so we could easily get out and it was right by the swim up bar. We probably spent the most time at the Pirate Island Waterpark. My kids had to go down the waterslides about a million times daily, and was a little break when they decided they didn’t want to be sandy anymore. Going around the resort on the train was also entertaining for them. There were 21 different restaurants, so there were always options, but mostly when you have kids we just ordered unlimited chicken nuggets, haha. Also, unlimited ice cream was a plus. There was an ice cream truck by the pirate island water park that was great. Water sports were included: waterskiing, sailing, tubing, snorkeling, and boat rides. I would have liked to do more of that, but we did get to boat ride which was fun. This time we took video of the fun, so check out our video of what to do.

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