Organic Baby Food

Many things change when you become a parent. Priorities change, and things that you didn’t even care about before suddenly become of great importance. I am sure most parents can agree that keeping your baby safe is one of the most important challenges all parents will face.

We baby-safe our house, make sure that no dangerous objects are in reach, and start taking a closer look into nutrition.  For my kids, they each had formula at some point, and It was important to make sure that they had a brand that was healthy.  

In my opinion, The best formula should be organic, truly organic, exclude all toxins and other chemicals that can be harmful for our baby but also include all the essential nutrients and vitamins for a healthy development. Easy right? This is why Organic Baby Food Shop is a great place to go. 

There are many things we love about this shop, they offer the best organic baby formula available, they have great customer service,  free shipping, but above all, we love the fact that their shop is family owned 

 The shop was actually opened due to their own need to provide their first born with baby formula, and what came to be hours of research of what the very best baby formula has to include and exclude.  Unfortunately, some formulas, even the organic ones, included ingredients that can be highly dangerous to babies. Wanting to provide their first born with only the best they came across Lebenswert by Holle and there was no turning back.

Today,  Organic Baby Food Shop offers what they believe (as other millions of parents and scientist around the world) to be the best baby formulas: HiPP , Holle and Lebenswert, all produced in Europe on Organic Biodynamic Farms.

If you want to give their formulas a try, you can participate in their Halloween contest, were they give a way a Halloween basket with their formulas and other goodies. We are certain that once you try one of these amazing formulas there is no turning back!

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