Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey

For our latest trip we went out to Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey. Even though it has been open for a while at this point, we had never had the chance to visit so they kids were excited to check it out. I have to say the kids are huge Nickelodeon fans and fans of theme parks so this was like a little vacation for them. It wasn’t a far drive out for us either so definitely an easy trip out.

Nickelodeon Universe New Jersey was huge and had a ton of rides. There were a lot of kids rides that they were able to enjoy, but also roller coasters and options for older kids or adults as well. For the little ones they had Blaze’s Monster truck rally, Blur Skidoo, Boots Banana Swing, Butterbean’s Sweet Spin, Dora’s Sky Railway, fairly odd airways, Guppy Bubbler, Pup Pup and Away Ferris wheel and Reptar Go Around Carousel. Out of all these rides dedicated to the younger ones, they had the most fun on Dora’s Sky railway. This took us all around the park and you got to see a view of everything from there. There was also a paw patrol adventure bay play area. This play area looked just like the paw patrol show and had a lot of slides to run around go down.

There were also family rides at American Dream New Jersey. These included bikini bottom crosstown express, Jimmy Neutron Atom smasher, Nick Slime Streak, Skyline screen and SpongeBob Jellyfish fam. The kids were tall enough for most of these, so we did get to try some. Finally, there were the thrill rides. The kids aren’t quite up for these yet, but definitely looked fun for the older ones. These roller coasts were called, air gliders, Sandy’s blasting bronco, the shell raisers, The shredder, and Timmy’s half pipe havoc. During our visit we also got to see some characters. My kids got to meet the Ninja Turtles and take pictures.

If you are wondering if its worth the trip, I would definitely say to check it out. There were enough options and rides there to keep busy for the day. The American Dream mall was enormous if you wanted to check out stores or have more food options as well. Waits and lines were not bad either during our visit, so it was manageable. I would visit again soon.

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