legoland new your trip and review

Legoland New York Trip and Review

I wanted to share our Legoland New York trip and review. We recently took a trip out to Legoland, it’s a new theme park in Goshen New York. While I had heard of their other locations, I hadn’t had the opportunity to check any of them out yet. We live in north jersey so it was a pretty quick trip for us, only about forty minutes out. They park just opened in May, and the hotel also opened in the summer which we didn’t get to go to this trip. Hopefully next time.

My kids are 5 and 7 and they were the perfect age to visit. All the rides were friendly for the young kids and they had a great time. There were seven different areas or “lands” as they called them: Brick Street, Bricktopia, lego ninjago world, lego castle, lego city, lego pirates and miniland.

Here is what to know if you are planning a legoland new york trip. First of all, reservations are required, so you will need to buy tickets ahead of time. Parking can also be purchased on the website to get out of the park quicker. I found that most of the rides were appropriate for the younger kids, but height requirements are listed on their website if you wanted to check.

There is an app available for the park that you can download if you want. I downloaded it before we went on our trip and I was able to see how long the wait times were. There were longer waits than I had anticipated since there were a lot of ride closures. I’m hoping that by our next trip out they are able to have more open for the kids to enjoy.

My favorite part was our stop at pirate land. I was able to keep the kids entrained there for the longest time. There were also their favorite rides there. I got to cool down at “splash battle” ride. I thought this was great since it was really hot the day that we visited. My kids other favorite ride was “rogue riders”. I have to be honest, all it did was go around in a circle on a priate ship but it was fast like a jet ski so they loved it. Ninjago world also had a fun 4D ride where you get to be a ninja and pretend to battle.

If you want to take a break, there are a lot of other activities that you don’t need to wait for. In miniland, we walked around and saw lots of lego creations. There are also areas where we were able to build legos as well.

We wound up staying almost all day at the park. We arrived when it opened exactly at ten in the morning, and stayed almost till it closed. While I didn’t anticipate that we were going to be there all day. I figured the kids would get tired earlier on, but they had so much fun we would up staying. I hope you enjoy our legoland new york trip and review, learn more by checking out our video above.

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