How To Create a Virtual Learning Space

I’m not entirely sure of what the plan for school this fall holds right now, but I know it’s going to involve some virtual learning. I have been working on putting together a space where all the kids school work can get done. Here is the best way how to create a virtual learning space and everything that you will need.

First obviously, a good desk is important. My kids are younger, so I have a small table and chairs setup. The Melissa and Doug wooden table is my favorite and comes with chairs here. If you kids are older, I have some bigger desks that also have organization on the side. I love the Mayfair modern style desk, it looks cute and also has shelves on the side.

Organization is key for virtual learning space. I have some easy organizers listed below. You are going to need a place to easily keep all of your supplies. Markers, pencils, papers, and so many other school items that you don’t want to be searching around for daily! Keeping it all together by your desk will make home school life easier.

Reading and study area is another part of the virtual learning space. I have a bean bag chair here, I know the young kids will especially love it. It’s comfortable so maybe they will stay and sit longer to read or study when they need to. Also adding a book shelf is probably helpful. I have a small colorful one for the little ones that may just have a few books to go through. I have a bigger one that can also fit a lot more. This will be helpful if you have textbooks, or multiple notebooks for different classes.

Finally, you are going to need the right technology and electronics. While sharing you laptop may have worked at first, since homeschool has been going on for a longtime now, its probably time to get your kids their own tech. I have an iPad here, that can be good for zoom sessions or certain work online. I also have a Chromebook that is Google Classroom Compatible! This is perfect for school time at home.

I know I never thought that virtual learning could be still going in the fall but I hope that these items can make the experience a little bit easier for everyone.

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