Holiday Beauty Essentials

The holidays mean lots of holiday parties and fun and time to get those holiday beauty essentials. With all the events I like to try a little bit of a different look. Usually I will keep it simple and not too done up. However, during holiday time I will make my look a little more glam. What are my favorite ways to glam it up? First of all, lots of sparkle. There are few things I love more than sparkle. I will use my favorite eyeshadow colors, but get a sparkle version. So some honey type colors that have sparkle, or even add some silver sparkle on top of whatever I chose.

In terms of foundation, I will usually go a little bit darker than I usually am. Sorry but the winter months mean my summer tan is long gone by now. My holiday beauty essentials also have to include a red lipstick or gloss. A bright red one is key, usually matte type but I could go for a gloss too if I haven’t gone too busy on the eyes.

Finally, I will for sure add some black liner and line my brows too. Going a little more dramatic for those holiday parties is so fun. Oh yea and some fake lashes. I am usually too lazy to bother with lashes on a daily basis but once I do, I’m into it. It makes you feel like an automatic instagram filter, haha. They are a little bit tricky to put on, but if you have some patience, its worth it for sure. Check out all my favorites below and use promo code CYBERBAG for some extra freebies with your purchase.

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