Fashionable Nursing Gear

One fashion-girl struggle for me was nursing gear. I like keeping my style fashion-foward, but realistically, I know I’m going to be running around with my baby and nursing. First of all, I needed a nursing cover. I’m not going to hide somewhere every time I have to feed my kid. Going to the store for a cover never worked.  Any covers that I would find in the store would always look like aprons! Honestly… aprons. WHY?!?!? I really don’t know why people think there is ANY way i would be out in public wearing something that looks like an apron. I don’t even wear one when I’m cooking. The other option would be nursing blankets. Unfortunately this also, not going to work. While it does save you from looking like a top-chef reject, your problem will now be the baby kicking the blanket off. The second I would start feeding my littles, she would kick the blanket off, accidentally exposing myself- not really ideal.  The favorite for me would be the ones that look like scarves or ponchos.  A lot of times people don’t even realize that its a nursing cover which is great.

Once I had my nursing cover set, my next obstacle to tackle was nursing friendly clothing lines. While I did find some cute nursing-friendly lines, it seemed a little silly to dedicate a wardrobe to that. Cute button ups and henley style tops are definitely the best for this.  I picked some of my favorite nursing scarves and nursing tops below.

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