Christmas Home Decor

This year I’m skipping over Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas home decor. I wanted to be festive and get everything ready for the holiday season. Your search is easier now because I have some of my favorite finds here to make your home bright.

I have a few Christmas trees. When I started to set everything up, I realized that my tree from last year wasn’t looking so great anymore and had to go on a search for a new one. These are pre lit and a few of them even look like they have snow on them which I think is adorable. I couldn’t forget some Christmas wreaths either.

If you are feeling ambitious and want to decorate the outside of your house, check out these decorations. The reindeer and sleigh are amazing and would brighten up the outside of your home perfectly. And also some outdoor light up trees as well.

For the inside of the home, I love to add some pillows and gifts. Anything thats easy enough to put out for the season and would match with everything else. See all my favorites below.

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