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    How Create a Virtual Learning Space

    I’m not entirely sure of what the plan for school this fall holds right now, but I know it’s going to involve some virtual learning. I have been working on putting together a space where all the kids school work can get done. Here is the best way how to create a virtual learning space and everything that you will need. First obviously, a good desk is important. My kids are younger, so I have a small table and chairs setup. The Melissa and Doug wooden table is my favorite and comes with chairs here. If you kids are older, I have some bigger desks that also have organization on…

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    Summer Style Upgrade

    I have been wanting to upgrade my summer style lately. My style has been pretty casual lately. With a more quiet summer this year, I didn’t have the chance for a summer style upgrade. I looked around and found some of my favorites. Here is everything you need for your upgrade search. First I would definitely find a cute romper. Honestly, they are so comfortable and there isn’t much to think about when getting dressed. It makes getting ready so easy, throw on some sandals and call it a day. A summer sundress is another essential you will need. I found a denim one here I loved. A striped or…

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    At Home Manicure Essentials

    At home manicure essentials are important these days. I have been doing my own manicures since salons are still closed. I miss the salon manicure look, but have found some products to make your home manicures look great. All of my favorites are below here and you can check them out. First, sometimes I will just do a regular manicure. I have some fun spring colors you can check out. Obviously, these will chip pretty quickly, but it can look cute while it lasts. Second, you can try the dry-polish look. These are strips that you put over your nails, and can have designs on them. These are honestly my…

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    Mothers Day Gift Guide

    I’m ready for Mothers Day and I wanted to post a mothers day gift guide. I know going to the mall to get some shopping done isn’t an option right now so its all about online this year. I picked some jewelry that would be great for your mothers day gift guide search. These are super simple, but stylish, so i’m pretty sure everyone would love it. Look at my finds below to shop our gift guide.

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    Casual Style for Days at Home

    We have all been spending a little more time at home these days, so my style has definitely been on the casual side. I wake up and have to get the kids ready for home school. This doesn’t really leave me with a whole lot of time to figure out outfits. Lets be real, since everyone is staying at home its not like anyone is really seeing me anyways. I want to be comfortable and also still somewhat stylish. I do feel like it gives a better energy for the day that way. So I have some athelisure finds here, check out my favorite casual style for days at home.

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    Last Minute Easter Finds

    With everything going on lately, I have not had a lot of time to go shopping for Easter. I realized just today that I needed to get some easter baskets and fun. I have some cute last minute Easter finds here. Since everyone is going to store less, these can all be shipped in time for the Easter. I’ll be honest, I’m typically a pretty last minute person in general, and am always on the search for whatever I can find quickly. This year will definitely be different but still going to make some fun for the kids. I’ll definitely do an Easter egg hunt at home for the kids.…

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    Organic Baby Food

    Many things change when you become a parent. Priorities change, and things that you didn’t even care about before suddenly become of great importance. I am sure most parents can agree that keeping your baby safe is one of the most important challenges all parents will face. We baby-safe our house, make sure that no dangerous objects are in reach, and start taking a closer look into nutrition.  For my kids, they each had formula at some point, and It was important to make sure that they had a brand that was healthy.   In my opinion, The best formula should be organic, truly organic, exclude all toxins and other chemicals…

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    Beauty Favorite: MD Complete Review

    I love sharing my new beauty favorites, and my most recent find is MD Complete. What I think is really great about their line is that they seemed to have products for everyone. Whatever your personal beauty goal may be: acne, anti-aging, or keeping your skin moisturized and radiant looking they have a product that can help. The products I used personally were the restoring cleanser makeup remover, Sun Shield SPF, Radiance deep moisturizer, and Vitamin C concentrate. I really enjoyed these products, they were great! I obviously love different makeup products, and contouring has been a current favorite of mine, but I want a cleanser that will remove it…

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    Summer Beauty Favorites

    While I don’t have too much time for a long beauty routine, I do have my favorites that I like to use when I can.  For summer, I have a few new products that I’ve been using. URBAN DECAY: NAKED HEAT – I like these colors because they go really well with the summer tan I have now.  The lighter hues on the left I use for daily wear, they make your eyes pop but don’t draw too much attention.  For going out I like the more shimmery shades like “scorched” and “ember” URBAN DECAY: SHAPESHIFTER- Another Urban Decay favorite of mine.  I like to do a quick contour and these…

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    Simple Wishes Review

    I’m a big fan of any products that make nursing easier for moms. We just posted some favorite stylish nursing covers, and I recently came across a nursing bra that is a registry must-have too. I tried the Simple Wishes Pumping bra and would recommend it to moms-to-be and new moms. First of all, it was a comfortable material, good quality and adjustable. It ties in the back, so regardless of size or weight changes you should get a great fit. Straps are included, so you have the option to have the additional support if needed.  There is a secure fit with the pump, you won’t have any issues with…

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