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    How to Go Viral on Social Media

    Want to Know the Secret of How to go Viral? How can you get ONE MILLION likes? What is the key to being a social media influencer? Does anyone really know? Knowing how to go viral on social media isn’t easy. Marketing experts may have their opinion, but this two year old has the answers for sure. Last time she shared how win at relationships, and now she’s back and she’s instal-famous. Check out our video for the answers to this social media secret. See more of our Sassy Girl Videos on our channel.

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    Maritime Aquarium

    Our trip and review We took the kids to Maritime Aquarium for a little day trip. Let’s face it, its not easy to keep them entertained all day, and the LOVE all things Fish related. Oh yea, and SHARKS, as they sing ‘baby shark’ on repeat. There were a lot of fun exhibits to keep them busy. They walked in and immediately saw the seals. Some other favorites were the jellyfish, turtles and sharks. They stayed around to see the shark feeding! For the younger kids, after seeing the exhibits, there is even a play area to run around just incase walking around didn’t tire them out enough yet ;).…

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    Fall Fun: Pumpkin Blaze

    It’s October now so we have officially entered that time of year when we can have fun with all things pumpkin.  So we obviously grabbed our pumpkin spice lattes and went to the pumpkin blaze.  The pumpkin blaze was a night of fall fun and clearly this is proof that I will need to work on my pumpkin-carving skills before I decorate the house for Halloween ;). See our pictures from the night below.

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