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    Valentines Day Cake Pops

    Valentines day cake pops are my favorite and Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and we wanted to make some treats to celebrate. My kids are big fans of cake pops but I honestly had no idea of how they made them. I found out it was actually pretty simple, so I wanted to share what we did. First, I’ll share what you are going to need to make some delicious cake pops. What you will need to buy is: icing, cake mix, cake pop sticks, chocolate chip, and sprinkles. The first step in the valentines day cake pops process is making your cake. We used the funfetti kind because…

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    Holiday Train Show NYC

    Since the holidays are now approaching, we wanted to take the kids for some holiday themed excursions. We wound up taking them out to the Holiday train show NYC at the New York Botanical Gardens. It was freezing outside when we went, but luckily everything was indoors. They got to check out model trains going through displays of NY landmarks. The holiday train show was set up in a winter wonderland theme too, so there were plenty of Christmas trees and snow. My sons favorite part was that there was a Thomas the train there too. We went early so it wasn’t too busy yet, and there was a cafe…

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    Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

    Adriana has been really into baking lately. So we wanted to find some fun Thanksgiving desserts for kids for her to make. We decided to make some Turkey cupcakes. It was fun because it was easy enough for her to do on her own (she’s 3) and didn’t have too make ingredients. So she made a cooking show making her favorite thanksgiving desserts for kids, turkey cupcakes. Here is how we made them. First, we just got our favorite cupcake mix. Hey, if you are feeling ambitious, you can make from scratch but we wanted to keep it simple. We followed the directions for the mix, and once they were…

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    Halloween Outfits for kids who love Halloween

    I don’t know about your kids, but my kids would dress in Halloween outfits all year long if they could Halloween is probably one of their favorite times of the year. I mean they get to dress up in whatever they want and I’ll allow it, and also eat much more candy than I would typically allow. This year, my son is going to be batman and my daughter is going to be a unicorn. They have been asking to go trick or treating for the past few weeks already. In the meantime, they did get to enjoy going pumpkin picking and seeing jack o’lanterns which they appreciated for now.…

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    Our Trip to Splashdown Beach

    Some video and fun from our day trip Splashdown Beach Trip: We were looking to get some last minute summer fun in before it was over, and our kids love going to waterparks. Since we found out Splashdown Beach wasn’t too far from us we decided to head out there for the day. It was a smaller park, so it was manageable going with smaller kids. They liked running around the splashers and all the waterslides. There was also a pirate ship waterslides and splashers which was a favorite. They took a trip down the lazy river, and also to the wave pool. This was their first time at a…

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    How to Go Viral on Social Media

    Want to Know the Secret of How to go Viral? How can you get ONE MILLION likes? What is the key to being a social media influencer? Does anyone really know? Knowing how to go viral on social media isn’t easy. Marketing experts may have their opinion, but this two year old has the answers for sure. Last time she shared how win at relationships, and now she’s back and she’s instal-famous. Check out our video for the answers to this social media secret. See more of our Sassy Girl Videos on our channel.

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    Maritime Aquarium

    Our trip and review We took the kids to Maritime Aquarium for a little day trip. Let’s face it, its not easy to keep them entertained all day, and the LOVE all things Fish related. Oh yea, and SHARKS, as they sing ‘baby shark’ on repeat. There were a lot of fun exhibits to keep them busy. They walked in and immediately saw the seals. Some other favorites were the jellyfish, turtles and sharks. They stayed around to see the shark feeding! For the younger kids, after seeing the exhibits, there is even a play area to run around just incase walking around didn’t tire them out enough yet ;).…

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