Beauty Favorite: MD Complete Review

I love sharing my new beauty favorites, and my most recent find is MD Complete. What I think is really great about their line is that they seemed to have products for everyone. Whatever your personal beauty goal may be: acne, anti-aging, or keeping your skin moisturized and radiant looking they have a product that can help.

The products I used personally were the restoring cleanser makeup remover, Sun Shield SPF, Radiance deep moisturizer, and Vitamin C concentrate.

I really enjoyed these products, they were great! I obviously love different makeup products, and contouring has been a current favorite of mine, but I want a cleanser that will remove it gently. The restoring makeup remover took off my makeup easily, even on days I had more than usual on, and left my skin looking great afterwards too.

I’m pretty diligent about using SPF, even in the winter, to make sure I keep my skin looking young. The Sun Shield SPF was great for daily use and left my skin feeling moisturized throughout the day.

Since the winter months make my skin more dry that it is normally, it was great to try the Radiance Renewal Deep Moisturizer. It kept my skin not only hydrated but looking smooth.

Finally, the Vitamin C concentrate was great for making my skin look bright, and the tone looked a bit more even when using this as well. I don’t have time for makeup EVERY day of course (Im busy running after two kids and all!) , so a product like this that made my skin look better makeup-free is awesome. I have sensitive skin as well, so new products don’t always work well for me, but these worked very nicely for me and were not irritating.

Check out MDComplete for yourself to learn more, and see tips on how to use their products.

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