Baby Registry Essentials and Tips

One Thing that never fails to amaze me is how much STUFF babies have. I mean honestly, they are so TINY, how is it possible that such a tiny person requires so many things. This is exactly why creating a baby registry can be super overwhelming. While my baby registry essential picks here aren’t a FULL list, I wanted to post some favorite items and also some tips for your baby registry endeavors.

1. LIMIT NEWBORN ITEMS: Babies grow so quickly, there really isn’t a need for too many newborn clothes. They get outgrown too fast and will be in storage before you know it.

2. FUNCTIONAL OVER CUTE: Baby stuff is ADORABLE. When I was picking baby items I had a tendency of picking things that I though looked really cute, but weren’t actually functional. The best products are the ones that are easy and functional, even above the cute stuff.

3. ONE SEAT ONLY: I learned that you should pick only ONE newborn seat / swing / Boppy. These baby seats take up a TON of space in your house, and they get outgrown again like the clothes in a few months.

4. ON THE GO: I really loved any products that were easy to move or travel with. Especially my pack and play- I use my pack and play ALL THE TIME and wind up taking it everywhere.

Check out my favorites below.

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