Atlantis Bahamas 2021

Our trip to Atlantis Bahamas 2021 was our first trip in while. In the past year we have not been traveling at all, but decided we wanted to get away. This trip was a little different than our others but we still had a great time and were able to enjoy.

We found out that getting to the Bahamas required a bit more work beforehand. First, we had to get tested and follow the online health visa process. Make sure that you review the process online if you are going. The timing was very specific. I had to make sure that we did everything appropriately and that we were approved. Thankfully, everything got approved for us in time so we were able to go on our trip.

While we had gone on solo trips here, this Atlantis Bahamas 2021 trip was the first time we decided to bring the kids. This trip we made it a family vacation and went together. The weather wound up being perfect and we spent the days at the beach and the pool. There were plenty of waterslides and a lazy river that kept the kids busy. Some of the attractions wound up being closed. There was a schedule and they would alternate days open. Overall, there was enough to do so that wasn’t an issue. This was the same with the restaurants during the trip, as some were closed. We were able to spend a lot of time walking around the resort to see all the sharks and fish The kids felt like it was a big aquarium and they loved that.

Another one of the kids favorite parts of the trip was getting to see the dolphins. We made a stop at Dolphin Cay and they got to say hello! Of course we had to film all our favorite moments so check out our YouTube video below to see our trip and all the fun we had there.

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