At Home Manicure Essentials

At home manicure essentials are important these days. I have been doing my own manicures since salons are still closed. I miss the salon manicure look, but have found some products to make your home manicures look great. All of my favorites are below here and you can check them out.

First, sometimes I will just do a regular manicure. I have some fun spring colors you can check out. Obviously, these will chip pretty quickly, but it can look cute while it lasts.

Second, you can try the dry-polish look. These are strips that you put over your nails, and can have designs on them. These are honestly my favorite. A lot of people ask me how you apply these, but it’s actually really easy. All you have to do it put the strip over you nail, let the dry polish stick on, and then you take off all the excess dry polish.

Third, are the press-on option. The good thing about these is that they can give your nails some extra length. The dry polish look is cute but won’t actually make you nails any longer. So if you want your nails to actually be longer you should dry the press ons. Applying these is pretty easy also. Some of them come with glue, and others come with the glue already on the nail. Either way, you can just glue and stick to your nail and that’s it. I love finding fun designs for these! All of my favorite at home manicure essentials are here.

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