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    Our Return to Beaches Turks and Caicos

    OUR BEACHES TURKS AND CAICOS REVIEW AND VIDEO Every year we try to get away for our big family trip. This year we decided to go to Beaches Turks and Caicos. We were all ready to get out of the New Jersey cold weather, and excited for some time on the beach. Since there were 9 of us, going where it was all inclusive worked out well for the family. With my little ones being 2 and 4 now, they got to do all the kid friendly activities, enjoying the waterpark and sesame street shows. The adults got to spend more time on the beach relaxing. We even had a…

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    Organic Baby Food

    Many things change when you become a parent. Priorities change, and things that you didn’t even care about before suddenly become of great importance. I am sure most parents can agree that keeping your baby safe is one of the most important challenges all parents will face. We baby-safe our house, make sure that no dangerous objects are in reach, and start taking a closer look into nutrition.  For my kids, they each had formula at some point, and It was important to make sure that they had a brand that was healthy.   In my opinion, The best formula should be organic, truly organic, exclude all toxins and other chemicals…

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    Fall Fun: Pumpkin Blaze

    It’s October now so we have officially entered that time of year when we can have fun with all things pumpkin.  So we obviously grabbed our pumpkin spice lattes and went to the pumpkin blaze.  The pumpkin blaze was a night of fall fun and clearly this is proof that I will need to work on my pumpkin-carving skills before I decorate the house for Halloween ;). See our pictures from the night below.

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    Accessory Moment: Belt Bags

    I remember back when I was a kid, I  had a neon pink fanny pack that I thought was really cool.  I guess everything comes full circle eventually because the fanny pack has now re-branded as “the belt bag” and I’m actually pretty into it.  With the kids, I always have way too much stuff to carry around.  I’m obsessed that I can be hands free with my belt bag.  Also I think they are more stylish now.  You can carry your phone and credit card, and thats pretty much all you need.  I picked some of my favorite belt bags below.

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    Swim Day Essentials

    The weather is finally getting nice outside, and the school year for kids will be done soon too. This means summer vacation, and plenty of beach and pool days. The most important part of your beach and pool days will obviously be some cute swimwear for your kids so I picked out some favorites below. So go pack your bags and get ready for that vacation ASAP.

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    Travel: Aruba Family Trip

    I’ve been going to Aruba since I was a kid, so I was excited to take a family trip there with my two littles. Aruba Family Travel is a lot of fun and we had a great time on our trip. First, I love that the weather is always perfect. Any time i’ve been to Aruba, there is sun the whole time, and this trip was no different. While some islands can be a bit rainy, and you wind up getting stuck indoors, we didn’t have to worry about this in Aruba. It was always hot and sunny and perfect for a beach day. We loved the beaches. We spent…

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    Review: The Perfect Pant

    Every day I work to find that balance of looking fashionable and also having clothes that fit my lifestyle.  I want to be stylish, but being comfortable is also important.  On a daily basis, I’m busy working and also chasing after two little kids.  I recently tried “The Perfect Pant” and was really impressed.  First of all, I found the fabric extremely comfortable.  Super soft and had a wide leg fit, running around all day was no issue.  I think the cut of these pants would be really flattering on any body type.  I found these pants super versatile, they can work in both for casual days, or going out. …

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    When Chasing After Kids is your Cardio

    People often ask me what my diet and exercise secrets are. Let’s be real- my daily workout is chasing after my kids. While I love getting dressed up, most of the time I need to have something a bit more casual. I don’t have a ton of time to get ready in the morning, and it also needs to work for running around all day with little ones so Athleisure Style is my goal usually. Even on my casual days, I still want my look to be stylish so I’ve picked some of my favorites below.